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Merry Christmas from Camp Refuge!

Merry Christmas to you and yours from all of us at Camp Refuge.  Nicole and I are grateful for each of you and your support of our mission to see relationships reconciled, strengthened, and established! I want to share a “God story” with you – one of those where God broke through for me.  I was at my keyboard yesterday drawing plans in the computer, when a thought seized me.  It was fifteen minutes before I needed to go into a meeting that I was unsure about, and suddenly fear of the unknown gripped me.  My heart raced. Adrenaline spread from my brain to my hands, making them shaky.  I could not focus on the task at hand – a task that moments before came naturally.  “WHAT ARE YOU FEELING?”   That familiar, comforting, steady voice of the Lord broke through my hijacked brain.  I stopped long enough to recognize it.  “Anxiety,” I replied.  He silently asked me if I had any reason to be anxious; He beckoned me to give the thought to Him.  I did.  “JUST BE WHO YOU ARE.”   As I write the wo

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