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When our kids were all small, my wife and I were bothered by the amount of negativity, self-centeredness, and general ungratefulness our children were displaying. She invoked a new practice at dinner time. We would all go around the table and say one thing we were grateful for. The goal was to re-train our mindset to focus on the good. And it worked!   It changed the atmosphere, and is a practice I’m happy to say we continue to this day. GRATITUDE. It doesn’t take a ton of energy, but it transforms us. Keeping track of what we’re grateful for is a beautiful way of honoring the Lord’s goodness and faithfulness to us over time.   Today, Nicole and I want to pause to thank the Lord for all of you who have been with us in birthing Camp Refuge.   Only 4 years ago, Nicole and I founded Camp Refuge on a vision of being a ‘safe haven’ where relationships could be reconciled, strengthened, and established.   We didn’t have property, nor did we feel qualified, but we knew the Lord had called us

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