Week 52: REMEMBERING 2018

Y’all, has it been 52 weeks already?! 

We started our ‘Taking the Promised Land’ campaign with the idea of weekly posting marching orders for 52 weeks to share an inside look at how we operate, with the intention of claiming this promise:
"Joshua conquered all...their land in a single campaign, for the Lord, the God of Israel, was fighting for His people." (Joshua 10:42)

Something that appears over and over in the scripture is the concept of “REMEMBER.”
When we look back over these 52 weeks, we remember the huge move of God.

Perhaps it didn’t look like we expected, but we have entered into the promises God has spoken over us and Camp Refuge.  We are seeing changed lives.  Click here for our year-in-review story. 

We are grateful for your partnership in helping us “take the promised land,” and will continue to need your participation, prayer, and financial support as we continue our mission of reconciling, strengthening, and establishing relationships in Jesus’ name!

May you remember the promises God has spoken over you and your mission, and may you see increase in the year ahead!

Love always,
Kevin & Nicole


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