It is the eve of our first retreat.  So many emotions: exhaustion from the pace of setup, exhilaration over the beautiful tents with twinkle lights, anticipation of the couples who will come tomorrow and have their lives changed by our loving Father.  It is so, so good.

We can’t wait to share the wonderful stories on the other side of these 3 days.  But for now, know that all we can do is rest.  Sure, there’s human effort – and a team committed to getting the work done.  And oh, there’s a prayer team that’s been calling down the presence of God upon this property and these guests for months now.  But it’s not up to us to change lives.  We rest, holding onto God's promise that He's with us on it.

We can’t wait to see all You’re going to do, Lord!

Special Focus:  The Husband and Wife Weekend Retreat runs from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.  Declare with us over the course of these 48 hours that “His purposes will stand, and He will do all that He pleases!” Isaiah 46:10


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