“Who are you to heaven?”  asked our pastor one Sunday morning several years ago.  I waited.  In the silence, I knew: “I am pursuer.  I am warrior.”

You and I can either walk in who God created us to be, or we can neglect it, doubt it, forget it, or perhaps not discover it at all.  This morning I was reminded I had forgotten to be the warrior he created me to be.  Through a dream, Holy Spirit brought to the forefront my call to war for someone I love very dearly.  So I quickly responded to the call and warred in the Spirit.  I was both overcome with gratitude He brought a life purpose back to my remembrance, but also slightly mournful that I had lost sight of it along the way.

The world we live in will war against our calling.  John Eldredge writes that, “Things are not as they seem…We are at war…I have a crucial role to play.”  I couldn’t agree more. It’s exciting to consider what a life lived out of His plan could look like!

What are we to do with our lives that are so busy it seems we could drop any number of plates we’re juggling?  REST.  TRUST.  LISTEN.  OBEY.  Through our time alone with Daddy, He is more than able to both reveal direction and 'course-correct' the ship of our lives!  I know He continues to with mine :)

So… Who are you to heaven?


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