We have had the wonderful pleasure of sitting down with a few local nonprofit founders and directors. Each one of them were so willing to share how they treaded on uncharted waters. The one advice that keeps coming back to us is to push on doors...you don’t know if it is open sometimes unless you push on it. I (Nicole) tend to be more cautious in this area - so much so that the Lord had to give me a dream to get me to push on a door. Isn’t He awesome?!?

A week ago I had a dream about a massive cruise liner that Kevin and I were trying to catch. It was a cruise for a specific ministry that is very dear to our hearts. Kevin was saying we needed to hurry or we would be late, but I was just nervous that I might have left my passport so we had to stop to check. We arrived 1 minute late and shouldn’t have been allowed on, but a lady had mercy and let us on. The catch was that we were no longer relaxing guests but crew leaders.

This week we are making contact with ministries that we feel may be key to Camp Refuge. Because my dream called out a specific ministry (which shall remain anonymous for now), Kevin and I feel like the Lord is leading us to reach out and link arms with them. It’s time to push on doors. 

Special focus: Pray for the right doors to open and for continued revelation.


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